Zapier App Integration

Last updated 05/15/2024

The Zapier App integration allow you to create a Zap using Bread & Butter’s Zapier App directly in Zapier. When the subscribed event is triggered, all of the user’s information is sent, allowing you almost unlimited flexibility with your Zap. A few real world examples are:

  • When a new user authenticates, send their user information to your Sales account via Gmail
  • When a user visits a specific page, and their referrer is Google, add them as a lead in Salesforce
  • If a user reads a specific whitepaper, and they are from the US, add or update their contact in ActiveCampaign

To set up a Zapier App Integration, first follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account.

  2. In the left Navigation menu, go to Zapier, and click Create.

  1. Click on Trigger, then search for and choose Bread & Butter. 

  1. For Event, choose from available system events, or choose a custom user event that you have created. If you choose custom, you will pick the specific user event in a later step. Then, click Continue.

  1. Follow the steps to create an Account with Bread & Butter. You’ll be asked for your API key. Keep this window open.

  2. In a new tab or window, log in to your Bread & Butter Dashboard at:

  3. Click Logic on the left side menu.

  4. Scroll down to the Integrations section, and click Create New.

  5. In the dialog, select Zapier > Create via Zapier App.

  6. Click Generate Key.

  7. Copy the API key, and then return to the window from Step 5.

  8. Return to Zapier and paste in the API key.

  9. Click Continue to go to the Trigger section.

  10. If you chose a system event in Step 4, skip to the next step. If you selected a custom event, choose your specific user event here. Then, click Continue.

  11. Click Test trigger. A set of records will appear. Click Continue with selected record.

  12. Follow Zapier’s guide for setting up a Zap Action:

Your integration is now set up and ready to go. Whenever a user triggers the event via your website, the Zap will be triggered.

Viewing your Zapier App Integrations

You can view your active Zapier App Integrations from the Zapier App Integration section in your Bread & Butter App.

Removing a Zapier App Integration

Zapier App Integrations can only be removed from Zapier. Head to Zapier and find your Zap. Turning off or deleting a Zap will stop the Zap and Integration from running.

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