Empower your clients’ growth with first-party data.

Unlock the Power of Insights. Boost Conversions. Fuel Quality Leads. Seamlessly Connect Everywhere.

Empower your clients’ growth with first-party data.

Top 4 for 2024

Bread & Butter leads to clients staying
longer and spending more.

See an increase in client lifetime value by 15% on average.


Higher conversion rate

More conversions equals more revenue. Add Bread & Butter and see a 25% increase in high quality conversions. That means verified profiles that have opted-in and are moving through your clients’ funnel


Turn content into revenue

ChatGPT is already played out and looks and feels bland. Digital Agencies like yours specialize in quality content that drives engagement. Bread & Butter turns your content into qualified leads (and has your clients asking for more).


Personalized outreach

Personalization has been shown to increase ROI by 35%. Don’t let generic messaging derail your clients. With Bread & Butter you collect all the information needed to target customers with outreach that resonates.


Social logins – capture value

Drive visitors out of those walled gardens and onto your clients websites. We ensure that a real profile is captured upon arrival, with no-friction opt-in tools. Get your clients a higher ROI and experience the snowball effect of Bread & Butter.

Give your clients the data they need to succeed

Build a 360° view of all prospects from your existing form submissions or with our one-click conversion tools

Give your clients the data they need to succeed

Your all-in-one tool to maximize revenue

Add one tool to your clients website and see multiple outcomes.

Use existing Forms

Get a full view of every prospect without changing how your client’s site works. Whether it’s custom or built with a 3rd party tool, our team will get it integrated.

Qualify every lead

Know everything about a prospect your form couldn’t capture. Get more opt-ins by eliminating form fatigue.

Ethical & Sustainable

Third-party cookies are gone. Apple is blocking GA4 trackers. Set your client up for success without worrying about what changes next.

Maximize Ad Spend

What converts, how many times does it convert, what are the most common paths to conversion? No more bread crumbs – get all the butter.

Verified Profiles. Guaranteed.

Verified Profiles. Guaranteed.

When you’re ready to supercharge your client’s funnel with verified profiles, start adding our conversion tools and know that every prospect is a real person.

Ensuring prospects make it to an intake form isn’t fool-proof and asking everyone to navigate to a single conversion point leads to higher bounce rates. Let your prospects opt-in everywhere and keep your clients’ funnels filled with qualified leads ready to be closed. The intake form still does what it’s supposed to, but now you’re adding new leads from every touch point.

You choose which opt-in options to offer, and it works in any browser. Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Facebook options are always popular. Microsoft too. Have a more technical audience? Add support for Slack, GitHub and Twitch.

A word from our CEO on how we are all about empowering businesses

Provide your clients with actionable insight.

What paths do the most profitable prospects take? Who is the most likely to become a customer? No more bread crumbs – get all the butter.

Provide your clients with actionable insight.
Don’t get caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

Don’t get caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

What are your clients doing to get ahead of the
coming changes to how data is collected?
Be compliant with changes while getting them better leads.

‘‘You can’t have a conversation with an IP Address. Bread & Butter changed that.’’

Andrew D – Managing Director, MGI Research LLC