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Turn visitors into prospects instantly. Remove conversion friction, send real user data to your CRM and continue learning about your prospects as they navigate your site.

bread and Butter - Aither Water Consultancy increased conversions by 22%

Aither Water Consultancy increased conversions by 22%

Don’t take our word for it. Bread & Butter is changing the way websites gather valuable first-party data. Get the case study and see how our one-click conversion tools can increase your conversions.


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Bread & Butter IO increased the lead quality & simplified the workflows
for these brands & will do the same for you.

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How it works -
a simple use case

An unknown visitor comes (either organically or as from a CPC in this example) to your website & is presented with the Bread & Butter IO ‘Continue with’ conversion tool.

The visitor signs in with an account they already have and trust (Google in this example).

‘‘You can’t have a conversation with an IP Address. Bread & Butter changed that.’’

Andrew D – Managing Director, MGI Research LLC

Choose the login methods your users trust & use.

Gate content
One-click conversions
Social login
Newsletter sign ups & more.

Get the tools so you can get the data.

Get started in minutes – not days

Bread & Butter integrates seamlessly with your other tools.

Use one of our turn-key connections or remix to develop your own.

The reviews speak for themselves

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Supercharge your website with kick-ass
first-party data (analytics) that provide actionable insight.

Bread & Butter integrates and passes valuable information (and updates user profile with every session) to
your existing CRM, or acts as a standalone CRM.

bread and Butter - Supercharge your website with kick-ass<br> first-party data (analytics) that provide actionable insight.

Questions? We get a few

Why use Bread & Butter?

To reduce friction in your sign-up or sign-in process and future-proof your website with a first-party data strategy. Or have access to user event analytics to know your visitors and what content they are engaging with.

What’s required to use Bread & Butter?

A Bread & Butter account and a short code is all you need started. Setting up your website shouldn’t take more than an afternoon and will start collecting first-part data and allowing authentication from the start.

Do I need coding skills to use Bread & Butter?

All of Bread & Butter’s features are configured in the backend of your Bread & Butter app. Configurations have step-by-step guides to make sure you’re configured correctly. Adding the functionality to your website is easy; add our shortcode to your website.

How much does Bread & Butter cost?

All accounts start with a free trial so that you can test us out see how Bread & Butter works on your website. Once you’re ready to launch, choose one of our plans. Have a small website and want to reduce friction for your users? We have a plan for that. Need a larger user limit or other functions? We have a plan for that as well. Please view our full pricing by clicking the button below.