Salesforce Integration & Rules

Last updated 03/06/2024

The Salesforce Integration & Rules allow you to add or update leads in Salesforce. You can also enable user session notes, which add activity notes each time a user visits your site.


To set up your Salesforce integration, you will need your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Salesforce URL, which you can get by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce Developer site:

  2. Click on your account icon at the top right of the page, and select My Developer Account. If you don’t see this option, skip to the next step. Note: You may be asked to authenticate again.

  3. Click on the settings icon at the top right of the page, and select Setup.

  4. In the left menu, go to Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager.

  5. Click the New Connected App button at the top right.

  6. Enter your contact information. For the name of your application, we recommend using your organization or company name.

  7. Under API (Enable OAuth Settings), check the Enable OAuth Settings option.

  8. For the Callback URL, enter:

  9. For Selected OAuth Scopes, select and add the following:

    Manage user data via APIs (api)
    Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

  10. Check the Configure ID Token option. More options will appear. Also check the Include Standard Claims option. Click Save.

  11. Under API (Enable OAuth Settings) click the Manage Consumer Details button – confirm your account access, if prompted.

  12. Copy and save the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for the Bread & Butter setup below.

  13. Click on your Profile icon at the top right of the screen, then copy and save your Salesforce URL for the Bread & Butter setup below.

  14. In the left menu, go to Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps. Click Edit for your App.

  15. Ensure that Refresh Token Policy is not set to expire immediately. Instead set to Refresh Token is valid until revoked. If any of the other options are selected, your integration will stop working when the refresh token expires.

To create your Salesforce Integration in Bread & Butter, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bread & Butter Dashboard at:

  2. Click Logic on the left side menu.

  1. Scroll down to the Integrations section, and click Create New.

  1. In the dialog, select Salesforce.

  2. Choose a descriptive name for the Integration (note: this can be anything, and you can change the name later).

  3. Enter the Consumser Key, Consumer Secret & Salesforce URL that you got in the above steps in Salesforce. For the Salesforce URL, please make sure you add “https://” at the beginning.

  1. If you would like to have a note added to your Salesforce leads, letting you know when they visit your site (session open), or when they leave your site (session close), enable both session options. For more information, see session start and end notes in Salesforce.

  2. Click Connect Salesforce.

  3. Follow the instructions in the popup to authenticate with your Salesforce account, and then review and allow permissions.

  4. When complete, you will be returned to the Salesforce setup dialog in Bread & Butter. Click Save & Close.


To set up a Rule that uses your Salesforce integration, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bread & Butter Dashboard at:

  2. Click Logic on the left side menu.
  1. Scroll down to the Rules section, and click Create New.

  1. Choose the Salesforce Integration that this Rule will use.

  2. Then, choose the User Event or System Event that will trigger this Rule.

  3. Give the rule a name so you can identify it in the Rules list.

  1. Click Save & close.

Your rule is now set up and ready to go. Whenever a user triggers the user event via your website, the rule will be triggered.

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