WordPress ‘Contact us’ Tool embedded on a page

Last updated 06/27/2023

The ‘Contact us’ tool allows you to add a contact us section to one or more pages on your website:

Users are prompted to authenticate first, before they can submit their message:

This allows you to convert your users while they are trying to contact you, and ensures that you only receive real requests from real, validated users. Submissions are sent by email to the app owner.

Follow these steps to add the ‘Contact us’ tool onto a page:

Step 1

Find the page or post where you want the 'Contact us' tool to appear, and open it in Edit mode in WordPress.

Step 2

Place the cursor at the place in the page where you want to add the 'Contact us' tool.

Step 3

Click the Toggle block inserter button, then search for and select Shortcode.

Step 3

Step 4

In the shortcode block, enter the following:


Step 4

Step 5

You can also add the following parameters:

  • show_phone - Show the phone number field on the form (true/false).
  • show_company_name - Show the company name number field on the form (true/false).
  • Or adjust any of the text, as seen in the example below:
[breadbutter-contactus-form show_phone=true show_company_name=true locale='{"CONTACT_US":{"HEADER":"Get in touch","SUB_HEADER":"%FIRST_NAME%, how can we help?","BUTTON":"%FIRST_NAME%, send your message","SUCCESS":"Thanks for reaching out %FIRST_NAME%. We will get back to you as soon as possible"},"POPUP":{"TEXT_1":"Paragraph1","TEXT_2":"Paragraph2","TEXT_3":"Paragraph3"}}']

See the Contact us Tool page for details on the text fields.

Step 6

Click Update to save and publish the change.