Custom Domain Proxy Setup

Last updated 07/04/2023

After you’ve set up your custom identity providers, you may notice that some of these providers display the Bread & Butter callback URL on their OAuth consent screens.

In order to have your website domain appear instead, you’ll need to complete the custom domain proxy setup:

  1. Choose a subdomain (eg: that will be used for the custom domain proxy setup.

  2. Send this subdomain to Bread & Butter.

  3. Bread & Butter will then provide instructions for you to add a CNAME for this subdomain to your DNS records, pointing to our domain proxy.

  4. Update all of your custom identity provider setup to include the redirect URL for your new subdomain. For instructions on completing this for all of your enabled providers, click here.

  5. Once all of your providers have been updated, contact Bread & Butter to enable the custom domain proxy.
    Note: if you do not complete Step 4 for all of your enabled custom providers, they will no longer work.

Your users will now see your subdomain on the OAuth consent screen for the provider longs that display the redirect URL.