User Events

Last updated 11/01/2023

User events correspond to a specific user action, and can be used to gauge user engagement from your website. With Bread & Butter, you can use custom user events to define and monitor your customers’ user journey across your website. Custom events let you gain insight into the most effective way to encourage customer conversion.

For example, you can create a user event for every user who clicks on a “Free Trial” button. Then, you can filter by this event on your Dashboard to see which users are interested in a trial. You can also add a custom event for user sign-up, and filter by both events to see who signed up after a trial.

You can create as many user events as you need, with unlimited combinations to really see what your users are doing on your website.

Creating a User Event

Define your user events by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bread & Butter Dashboard.

  2. From the Logic tab in the left menu, go to User Events.
  1. Click Create New.

  2. Choose an Event Color and enter an Event Display Name. Note that the event will be displayed on your Dashboard with the selected color and event name.
  1. Enter an Event Code. This must be unique, and can’t have any spaces. When you set up your website to trigger an event, this is the code you’ll need to use. Your event code can’t be changed after you’ve created it.

  2. Enter an Event Description, which describes the purpose of your event so you and you team know what it’s being used for, and where it’s being used.

Your user event appears in the list under User Events and is now ready to be used. Make a note of the Event Display Name and Event Code.

Please note that you can disable an event by unchecking it. Events need to be enabled (checked) to be used by your website.

Managing User Events

You can manage your user events in three ways:

  • Disable a user event by unchecking it in the list. Events must be enabled (checked) to be used by your website.
  • Edit an event by hovering over the event and clicking the Edit (pencil) icon.
  • Delete the event by hovering over the event and clicking the Delete (trashcan) icon. Events that have been triggered by your users can’t be deleted.

Triggering a User Event

Javascript provides the maximum flexibility, letting you trigger a custom event from basically any action.

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