Webflow ‘Contact us’ Tool

Last updated 05/26/2023

Before adding the ‘Contact us’ tool make sure you have added the initialization script tag.

The ‘Contact us’ tool allows you to add a contact us section to one or more pages on your website:

Users are prompted to authenticate first, before they can submit their message:

This allows you to convert your users while they are trying to contact you, and ensures that you only receive real requests from real, validate users.

Follow these steps to add the ‘Sign up / Sign in’ tool to a page:

Step 1

  • In Designer, open Pages in the left nav.
  • Hover over Home (or any other page).
  • Click the gear icon to open the page settings.
Step 1

Step 2

Scroll down to the Custom Code section, for the Head tag.

Step 2

Step 3

In the Head tag field, paste in the following script tag after the Bread & Butter initialization script tag:

null == window.breadbutterQueue && (window.breadbutterQueue = []), window.injectBreadButter = function (e) { "undefined" != typeof BreadButter && BreadButter.init ? e() : window.breadbutterQueue.push(e) };
injectBreadButter(function () {
    continue_with_position: {
        bottom: '45px',
        right: '20px',
    show_phone: true,
    show_company_name: true,
    locale: {
        "CONTACT_US": {
            "HEADER": "Get in touch",
            "SUB_HEADER": "We'll get back to you as soon as possible.",
            "COLLAPSE": "Get in touch with us.",
            "BUTTON": "Submit",
            "SUCCESS":  "Someone will be in touch with you soon",
            "ICON_NOTE": "Get in touch with us."

Note: If you have other Bread & Butter feature snippets, just add this snippet below them.

Step 3

Step 4

The following content can be configured to suit your specific requirements (see screenshot):

  • show_phone: Show the "Phone" field on the contact us form.
  • show_company: Show the "Company Name" field on the contact us form.
  • For the position, you can set an edge and the number of pixels in from that edge.
  • For the locale section, see below for the text locations:
Step 4

Step 5

  • Click Save Changes.
  • Publish your website, when ready.

Step 6

Repeat the above steps for any other pages you want to add the Contact us tool. If you would like to add it to all pages, simply add it in the Custom Code section in Site Settings in Webflow.