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How it works - a Google visitor conversion example

Use Bread & Butter’s no code script tag or API on your website or app. Configure the Identity Providers and you’re done.
Add to your forms, sign up workflow or any custom event you would like analytics for.
No database transfers or system integration time needed.

bread and Butter - How it works - a Google visitor conversion example

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We believe – You shouldn’t need an analytics team to figure out your analytics

bread and Butter - WYSIWYG - All Butter

Just pick the Identity Providers you or your users trust

bread and Butter - Just pick the Identity Providers you or your users trust

It doesn’t matter whether you want Social or Enterprise SSO authentication. Identity provider choice can be personal or need to fit your business model/company policy. Bread & Butter handles all the protocols and callbacks, all with the same script tag.

bread and Butter - Need more than Facebook or Google?

Need more than Facebook or Google?

Support the most complex enterprise workflows with the same code. Our API takes care of all major Identity Providers and security with SAML, OAuth, and OpenID.

Let corporate customers sign in to your website or app with their preferred SSO deployment such as Okta and ADFS.

For additional security, deploy 2FA on top of an existing Identity Provider such as Google or Okta.

SSO protocols

Bread & Butter handles the callbacks regardless of protocol.


Installs in minutes, not days.
Stop guessing, start knowing.

  • A typical customer can implement within a single day.
  • No need to migrate your user database, and existing users do not have to re-register.
  • If you want to migrate your users, we’ve got you covered there, too.
  • Our API library is available in all popular languages.
  • One implementation supports all your customers’ unique configurations.
  • Works alongside all your other favorite script tags like Google Analytics.

Use the API or
let us do all
the work

Our javascript library (JSL) gives you the flexibility to implement Bread & Butter’s login options the way you want.

bread and Butter - Use the API or<br> let us do all<br> the work

Works with your technology stack

Integrates with the tools you already use

Same-day install with your current technology stack using our comprehensive suite of tools.
Integrate with our API, JavaScript libraries, or one-click plugins, whatever works best for you.