Authentication as a Service that’s easy & secure

We believe you should leave Authentication to big tech.
The last thing your users need is another password.

Add SSO to your existing login screen

Replace your entire login screen

Use our new flexible
approach ‘Continue with’ widget

Enhance your existing website login screen, remove user friction and increase conversion with Bread & Butter’s
Authentication as a Service solution.

Save development cycles & launch faster.

It doesn’t matter whether you want Social logins or Enterprise level authentication (like Okta). Designed by a security team, Bread & Butter eliminates the complexity of SAML, OAuth, and OIDC protocols and callbacks. In addition, Bread & Butter’s Authentication as a Service (Aaas) solution is easy to implement. Most customers get up and running in less than a day, faster if you use WordPress with our plugin.

Bread & Butter handles the callbacks regardless of protocol

One simple implementation, as many
customers configurations as needed.

Built to work for you, not against you, Bread & Butter is customizable to the workflows you need.
All within the same implementation.

Customize the login
options & style.
Button or icons

Add Single Sign On (SSO) options while
maintaining your local database

Restrict employee/vendor/supplier
logins to their corporate SSO

User Management

We do believe Big Tech should handle Authentication. However, we still support the good old email and local password combination for those looking to delegate their entire authentication sign-up / sign-in workflow. You can use your existing user management system, use ours, or both in parallel.

Your app,
your rules.

With Bread & Butter’s user management, you’re in control without having to rewrite your application.

You decide your authentication policies or configure per customer email address domain

Dynamic password policies via our API or in
combination with our beardbutter.js library. Policies can be adjusted instantly without
needing to change any code in your application.

Ensure that some or all your users go though
a mandatory Multi-factor Authentication
workflow to provide the same level of
authentication as an enterprise-grade
identity provider.

Remove friction

At Bread & Butter, we use machine learning & AI to suggest the Identity Provider (IDP) most likely
to remove friction and allow your customer to authenticate with the IDP they trust.

Ease of use for them – increased conversion rates for you.

Suggested tile shows the IDP determined by Bread & Butter to be the one most likely preferred by the user

Existing users do not need to re-register, there’s no need to migrate your user database

‘Optional Options’ for sign up or sign in. Present the additional methods you like to offer based on domain or globally

The unified Bread & Butter experience channels all users into the same workflow so you can process a login with a local password in exactly the same way as a login from Google or Okta.

Save time

Do you have a ‘Custom Authentication’ method or specific needs for your domain? For example, do
your customers use G Suite for authentication or an enterprise SSO authentication method like
Okta? With Bread & Butter, you can support any combination of these methods without having
burn development cycles.

Use G Suite for your organization? Bread & Butter’s brokerage allows your users to authenticate with your custom provider

Have clients that use an Enterprise Level Authentication method (like Okta)? Bread & Butter allows those users to sign in without having to create a specific portal or site to allow access.

Cross platform, cross device

We made Bread & Butter to remove friction & increase conversion, making hand-offs &
authentications seamless regardless of where or when.

bread and Butter - Cross platform, cross device

Bread & Butter integrates seamlessly with your other tools.

Use one of our turn-key connections or remix to develop your own.