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Few things take as little effort but make as significant an impact as integrating an easy authentication flow. Easily convert your unknown visitors into known customers; this is why we made Bread & Butter. In just a few minutes and with no coding, you can build an effortless sign-up/sign-in flow directly into your site, learn more about your visitors, and see your conversions climb.

bread and Butter - One script tag<br> to access all

One script tag
to access all

To get started with Bread & Butter, add our JSL script tag to your website or app (it goes in the same place you would add your Google Analytics tag). This script tag connects your website or app with the Bread & Butter system and automatically loads the configuration without having to code it yourself. Even better, we’re constantly updating this library with cool new tools to offer you even more options.


Plays well
with others

We built Bread & Butter to fit seamlessly alongside your existing systems. Add our tools in just a few lines of code without any changes to your current workflow.

bread and Butter - Plays well <br>with others

NOTE: If you’re using our WordPress or Shopify plug-ins, the back-end code snippet is already included in the plug-in, you don’t need to worry about implementing it. You simply add our front-end code snippet to any templates for which you want to track user data and implement widgets.


Ready, set, convert

No transfer of databases or complex UAT. Whether you’re using our Java Script Library (JSL) or WordPress Plugin, Bread & Butter comes ready to go. Below is a selection authentication widgets supported out of the box. Have more complex authentication needs? Consult our API documentation.

bread and Butter - Ready, set, convert


The JSL embeds a sign-in/sign-up flow directly into your site, wherever you’d like—letting visitors either authenticate with an existing service
or create a new username and password from scratch.

Adding or removing identity providers (IDPs) like Google, Apple, Microsoft, or others is as simple as checking the boxes you want and skipping those you don’t—no additional code required.

You can also customize which IDPs your Sign-In widget presents based on your domain rules. For example, your customers are required to authenticate with a service like Okta.

We love the speed, security, and ease of single sign-on (SSO). But, if your users are old school, all of Bread & Butter’s widgets include out-of-the-box support generic username and password workflows, ensuring your users can proceed any way they want.

‘Continue With’

Continue With is our most seamless authentication option. Unlike the Sign-In widget, which embeds into your website at a specific location, the ‘Continue With’ widget makes no changes to your site. It just adds a clean, simple pop-up window over it.

The Continue With widget will present a screen overlay that gently prompts visitors to authenticate with a service they already use, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, as well as enterprise services like Okta, Salesforce, and more.

You can set the Continue With widget to be triggered by an action of your choosing.

bread and Butter -
bread and Butter -

Gated Content?

For visitors that require a little nudge, offer a reward in exchange for authenticating with your site. Makes the deal more appetizing by adding the JSL authentication flow to unlock a piece of content, whether that’s a whitepaper, a newsletter, mailing list, a blog post, or an article.


Why wait until your customer is at the checkout to offer them a discount? Like gated content, an E-Commerce Coupon incentivizes visitors to authenticate early by providing a discount code or coupon in exchange.

Your users get a special offer, and you get to know them earlier. Now you can track their journey, custom tailor your offering, and follow up if they leave without hitting buy.

bread and Butter -

No matter your workflow or need,
Bread & Butter is the piece of the puzzle you’ve been waiting for.