How Aither increased Conversion from content
by 22% with Bread & Butter.

Based in Australia, Aither helps organizations make better
decisions about their water policies.


Who is Aither?

So, Aither is really cool — and responsible. They help the government and businesses make better environmental and water decisions.

Environmental policies can be tricky. You need to understand and execute a lot to stay compliant, and Aither helps its clients do that. With their evidence-based analysis, insights, and advice on agriculture, infrastructure, and the environment — they’re the heroes of keeping businesses environmentally honest.

What was the challenge?

Aither’s business depends mainly on leads generated by content. The Aither team writes blog posts, builds whitepapers, and provides reports to educate and inform their ideal customers. These channels are the primary tool Aither uses to get potential clients to book calls.

But there was a hitch. Aither’s existing content gating system was fallible — prospects would directly share links, overriding the content gate. The sign-in prompt also redirected people to a different landing page where many visitors would drop off.

Aither wanted a frictionless content-gating solution that swore by data privacy and protection laws. But none of the popular systems or plugins seemed to work. For example, most, if not all, content-gating plugins are designed for journalistic publications — they provide simplistic forms with minimal analytical capabilities.

The team would have to — analyze traffic, flag leads, sync with sales, and ping training teams. All these data points had to be input into their Pipedrive CRM so the entire organization could share them. It was overwhelming, and cross-referencing sources and traffic with our tools was clunky. We knew we were missing out on leads.

“It was simple to install and implement on our website. Within minutes I’d downloaded and got the plugin running. They’ve been a game changer. Capturing customer data and bringing leads into our digital marketing ecosystem.”

Daniel Brasher, Aither’s Marketing Manager.

How Bread & Butter supercharged Aither’s sales process.

Bread & Butter helped Aither gate their content with a one-click solution that handles the data safely and consolidates it in their Pipedrive CRM, making website data available for the entire Aither team.

Bread & Butter simplifies conversion, and the one-click solution provides an engagement score on all interactions. As a result, Aither now proactively nurture leads, tracks high-value clients on their website, and understands what potential customers engage with the most.

“Staff can now access real-time insights on leads – which pages they visit and how long they spend on each page. This creates a foundation for better, data-driven decision-making”, says Daniel.

“Bread & Butter is frictionless, elegant, and essentially one click—in both lead gen and reporting,” says Daniel.





Conversions are synced with analytics, like GA4
CRM, like pipedrive or Salesforce is updated with data from website visit
Return visit from
Event trigger adds visitor to mailing app, like mailchimp or klaviyo

A better Aither experience moving forward.

Bread & Butter has removed friction from the top end of Aither’s lead gen funnel. It gives them one-click conversion tools to understand leads better and qualify customers. As a result, not only is Aither capturing more information, but the quality of the real-time data is improving their leads-to-close ratio.

Having all interaction data funnelled into their CRM has allowed Aither to focus on the most critical interactions instead of trying to find them. For example, Bread & Butter automated data handling saves me at least 2 hours each week, even more when we release new campaigns.” says Daniel.

Bread & Butter translates data into actionable insights & real-time updates on clients’ engagement. The first-party data captured gives Aither valuable metrics on campaigns, projects, and ideas, showing trends and engagement scores so Aither can take a strategic view of its content.

“Additionally, their Customer Support is really on the ball. Alex Wilson from the support team has scheduled calls on multiple occasions to help me implement my ideas for data capture. In a world where SaaS companies are notoriously famous for dropping the ball with onboarding and Customer Support, Bread & Butter delivers repeatedly.” says Brasher.

Bread and Butter

trends & engagement data on
the content or pages that
drive your business

“As a result of using Bread & Butter, our bounce rate from gated content has dropped 6.2% – and our conversion rate has risen 22%.”

Daniel Brasher, Aither’s Marketing Manager.

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