Frequently Asked Questions

Bread & Butter offers progressive user journey tools to help you convert users sooner. You can track user sessions from anonymous to a named, verified user, across all devices.

The implementation is extremely low touch, no changes to your current workflows are required, using our API, JavaScript libraries, widgets or plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, just to name a few.

Features include simple to understand visitor and app user analytics, authentication as-a-service, user recording insights, custom events tracking, and GDPR and other compliance-related widgets.

The authentication as-a-service feature helps standardize how your website or application integrates with IDPs. Writing custom code to support each identity provider can quickly get messy and expose security concerns that no one wants to deal with.

No. The authentication as-a-service feature acts as an authentication broker and does not get in the way of user credentials with third party IDP like Google or Okta. Instead, your users are redirected to the selected identity provider, and direct the authentication result back to your application. In most cases, a name and email address is also passed along with the authentication result. Bread & Butter never has access to your user’s third party IDP credentials.

Bread & Butter simplifies your ongoing maintenance, improves security, and gives you access to more auditing tools. It works with your existing login workflows, or you can outsource everything to us by using our free JavaScript libraries and widgets. Adding Bread & Butter code snippets to your registration and login screen, website or app only takes a few minutes. When you wish to allow your users to register and log in with more than the traditional email address and password, you will be able to turn on any IDP (identity provider), such as Google, Microsoft, and a host of others, with a single click.

Great! You have already made the visual adjustments to your login screen to include Google as an option to register and log in. Replacing this custom implementation with Bread & Butter will only take a few minutes and your users won’t notice a thing. As the SAML and OAuth protocols evolve, we will automatically handle changes in the IDP protocols and workflows without requiring code changes on your part. You also gain access to our dashboard where you can audit the number and locations of logins, and control access with filters of your choosing.

No. Bread & Butter is a universal API that is designed to integrate directly into your existing registration and login workflows. The use of our JavaScript libraries are optional.

No. Bread & Butter is not an Identity Provider like Google or Okta. Your users will register and log in with the identity providers (IDPs) you make available to them, under your own brand name. While Bread & Butter helps with the wiring and security, it is not a universal ID. Instead, we help you wire up the connection to your third party SSO provider, also referred to as an IDP, and allow you to quickly deploy and maintain them within your apps and websites.

Okta deployments are specific to each of your customers. It is typically configured per enterprise and varies from one deployment to the next. Using Bread & Butter’s predictive user login workflow, you can configure certain domains to automatically redirect to your specific customer’s Okta login pages. To accomplish this, you must design your login screen to first ask for the user’s email address, also referred to as ‘Discovery Workflow’. Bread & butter will then check the rules associated with this domain, and present the proper IDP, in this case, Okta, or others, to each of your configured corporate clients and users.

No. You will continue to manage your existing database of users. If a user selects to register with an IDP (such as Google), the Bread & Butter API will return the unique identifier for the user in Google and the user’s email address, first name, and last name. You can save this information in your database, just as if the user had used the traditional registration screen.

Bread & Butter is a universal API that works with any programming language. We provide a list of examples in JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, NodeJS, and .NET, just to name a few, to help you integrate into your apps, however, the API is not limited to these languages.

It’s up to you. While some features require us to know about your user’s activity, you can elect to opt-out of these features.

The cloud version of Bread & Butter is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Self-hosting is available for enterprise customers on Azure and Amazon, in different data jurisdictions. Please contact us for more details.

If a user selects to register with an IDP, like Google, you can still have other fields in your registration form to ask additional information, such as the desired product, package, referral code, etc. The Bread & Butter API will return with the first name and last name of the user as returned by the IDP. In the same post back, you can also register the user in your database, and record all additional fields in your database.

No. The Bread & Butter API will never return a user’s password from an IDP,  it does not have access to it. Instead, it will return a unique identifier for the user in the IDP (ie: Google, Microsoft, etc.), along with the user’s first and last name and email address. The password field in your database will remain empty. This increases your security by not handling users passwords.

Bread & Butter offers more features than your typical analytics or chat tools that only require front end integration. Bread & Butter’ features evolve around letting your visitors and users convert sooner via their trusted authentication method. The back end code integration is required so that we can pass along the authentication result from the various IDP, along with the user name and email address when available.

Yes and no. Bread & Butter is not a ‘passport’ or IDP service like so many services out there. Rather, we provide workflows to let your users decide how they want to register and login with your app. 

With that in mind, we create a local user management feature that allows your users to create an old-school username and password, like most apps offer today. You can use this feature alongside your own user management workflows, or use it by itself. We created this feature for those that want to outsource the entire authentication workflow and have the analytics information for all users, regardless of their authentication method e.g. not just those that authenticated with a third party IDP that Bread & Butter brokers.

With all our plans, we offer a free 30 day trial so that you can decide for yourself if Bread & Butter is for you. You can get started at any time, create as many apps as you require.