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We believe customers should control their digital footprint.

Published: January 17th, 2022

Apple is giving iPhone users the choice to opt out of app tracking. Google has smashed the third-party cookie jar. GDPR, CCPA, and other Data Protection Laws are here to stay.

The online world is changing fast. People are understandably confused and concerned. 

What does all this mean for you? How can you set up your website or app for success, protect your users, and build a first-party data strategy for a rapidly changing future?

Bread & Butter, was built for this.

The Bread & Butter platform was designed from the ground up to comply with these new privacy policies. We see this landscape shift not as a setback but as an opportunity: a chance to make transparency a pillar of your digital strategy.

Bread & Butter gives your customers peace of mind knowing their data is safe and lets you relax in the knowledge that you’re fully compliant with all privacy policies. But how can Bread & Butter transform unknown visitors into known customers and protect privacy at the same time? 

Bread & Butter isn’t about gathering all the anonymous data you can or buying endless lists of users. Instead, it’s about creating trust. Trust that customer information stays between you and them.

We do it by letting visitors authenticate with the Identity Provider (IDP) they trust most and building in the ability for the customer to request to be forgotten––that is, have their data wiped from your database––at any time of their choosing. This workflow allows your digital property to anonymize user data easily, allowing you to honor the user request to withdraw their data from your system with ease. 

Security doesn’t mean friction.

Security features used to be a set of requirements that slowed things down or created drop-off points that shed new users every step of the way—a captcha here, a validate-with-email there. 

With Bread & Butter, those steps are no longer needed. Instead, let Big Tech do the lifting by allowing visitors to use the Identity Providers (IDPs) they already trust, like Google, Apple, Okta, and more. If MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is part of a customer’s workflow, their chosen IDP takes care of that. By not adding extra steps that require confirmation or validation from your system, you remove friction and increase conversion.

Social IDP alone has shown between 20% to 40% increases in conversion. And conversion is just one benefit of a smooth authentication flow. On top of increased conversions, you also reduce churn on your website or app by offering a convenient way to authenticate your visitors.

The best of all worlds

With Bread & Butter, you increase conversion, reduce churn, comply with data protection laws, build your future-proof first-party data and give your customers an easy way to de-identify themselves. Add the fact that Bread & Butter can be implemented with a simple script tag (like Google Analytics) and requires no additional coding, and you should be asking why you aren’t already a believer in the Butter.