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Gather First-Party Data from Calendly

Published: December 19th, 2023

If you’re using Calendly to manage all your bookings, there’s a way to get way more information out of every booking, so you have the best chance of closing the deal.

First-Party Data is the thing everyone is talking about for 2024. Third party cookies are going away, Apple is doing its best to block old ways of marketing, and Google is updating their analytics platform so that it’s almost unrecognizable, the time to build out your own First-Party Data plan is now.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a popular online scheduling tool that simplifies the process of scheduling meetings, appointments, and events. It allows users to set their availability and enables others to book time with them based on their open slots. Calendly aims to eliminate the back-and-forth communication often involved in scheduling by providing a streamlined and user-friendly platform.

Same Calendly – More to Love

Booking meetings is great and it’s often all you need. But what if every time you got a new booking from Calendly, you also got a full 360° view of the prospect?

With Bread & Butter you get so much more from every Calendly invite:

  • Know where the prospect came from and what campaign brought them to you
  • See their entire journey across your site including what they focussed on so you can best prepare
  • Get verified business profiles so you can do your research
  • Funnel that data to your CRM or whatever tool you use to manage your leads

Next steps

Book a demo with us (through our Calendly setup) and see just one of the ways Bread & Butter can ensure your Calendly prospects come with all the information required to turn them into customers.