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ABC with Bread Butter IO

Published: January 17th, 2022

Always Be Converting with Bread & Butter

Few things take as little effort but make as big an impact as integrating an easy authentication flow to convert your unknown visitors into known customers. This is why we made Bread & Butter. In just a few minutes and with no coding, you can build an effortless sign-up/sign-in flow directly into your site, learn more about your visitors, and see your conversions climb.

Don’t believe us? Look at the numbers. 

  • In 2016, the average online person had 26 passwords they needed to remember. Overall, 30% of calls to IT departments are to reset a forgotten password. Are these two things related? We think so. 
  • 86% of respondents in a study reported they get irritated when a site or app prompts them to create a new login/password combo.
  • A 2016 Baynard Institute study showed that 19% of users will abandon a shopping cart at the checkout screen if they can’t remember their password.

As you can see, the value of converting visitors early doesn’t end the moment they sign up––it’s just the beginning. By getting visitors to authenticate early you can add value at every step of their customer journey.

With Bread & Butter, Everybody Wins

Building an authentication flow into your site will help you gain traffic, keep that traffic, and generate sales. 

When visitors authenticate with Bread & Butter you get insights into who they are and how they interact with your site. What content do they engage with most? How many pages do they visit before they convert? Where are the gaps that they slip through? 

This knowledge tells you which parts of your site drive the most authentications and which can be tightened up. Rather than gathering dust in a silo, this valuable first-party data can be exported to your team’s preferred analytics tool. From there you can make informed decisions backed by real numbers.

Use Conversions to Customize Experiences

On the other side, your visitors benefit, too. They get an effortless way to authenticate––no more filling out multiple boxes to create (and immediately forget) yet another username and password combo. Even better, once they do authenticate––in just a few clicks and with an identity provider they already know and trust––they enjoy a completely personalized, tailor-made experience every step of the way. 

Bread & Butter also helps you re-engage visitors who bounce. It’s impossible to track an anonymous stranger, but once you have a name and contact info, you can follow up with visitors who left early and win them back.

No Matter What You Do, Bread & Butter Can Help

Bread & Butter supports everything, both social and enterprise, with no extra effort from you. Simply check the box and the support is there. It takes a few minutes, no code, and minimal setup to start getting to know your visitors, crafting custom-tailored experiences, and increasing your conversions.

No matter your business model, Bread & Butter helps you remove friction to conversion.


Remove friction by letting visitors authenticate with the Identity Provider (IDP) they trust.

Stop filling your first-time visitor list with fake emails & filter out the bots from your actual customers. You can also personalize your site with custom events or actions, providing a richer experience—driving transactions and sales.


Still, giving every visitor to your website the same experience? Have a Database full of something123@fakedomain.com? Use Bread & Butter to give your customers the most for their time. Gate or personalize content based on user settings or custom events.

Add intelligence to your website or app, boosting content paths based on custom events.


Security and convenience. What more do you and your customers need? Use domain rules to allow access to your customer base. Restrict access to assets based on time, location, or domain.

Push passwords and identity security to the pros and let Big Tech handle the ever-expanding authentication methods like MFA (multi-factor authentication) or Bio-metrics. Build your offering without spending development cycles on another hurdle for your customers.

Everything’s Better with Butter

Our Bread & Butter is all about letting you get back to yours. By using Bread & Butter to enable IDPs you remove friction, increase security, allow customization, and drive conversions. All of this is completely plug-and-play. Requiring no code and just a few minutes to set up, it’s as easy as adding Google Analytics.

We help your users authenticate sooner and more easily so you can get back to the things that really drive your business.